Miami Dolphins camp: Ryan Tannehill, Ndamukong Suh, Rishard Matthews

The Miami Dolphins head into their 2015 camp with one familiar face now firmly entrenched, a number of new arrivals being counted on to make an immediate impact, and at least one familiar face looking to make an exit. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been given a multi year contract extension which ensures he’ll remain in the position for some time. Defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh instantly upgrades the defense. And with mostly new faces at wide receiver, Rishard Matthews wants out.

The impact of Ndamukong Suh will be easy to measure for the Miami Dolphins. He becomes their best defensive player, boosting a line that’s already strong with the likes of Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon. The plan was to make the front four so strong that the youth and inexperience of the linebackers, and the question marks at defensive back, may end up not mattering.

Ryan Tannehill isn’t so easy to measure. He has improved statistically each of his three years on the job, but gets sacked too often and never has been consistent on the longball. The entire starting wide receiver corps, Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson, has been remade in an effort to better match up with Tannehill’s strengths. But with Kenny Stills, DeVante Parker, and Greg Jennings the new starters, former number four wideout Rishard Matthews has publicly chafed at remaining number four, and the team may end up having to dump him in order to ensure harmony among its new corps. But if Tannehill can keep evolving, and particularly if Ndamukong Suh and the defense can take the heat off, that may not matter.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 2015: QB position troublesome

The Philadelphia Eagles are aiming for the Super Bowl in 2015, their third season under head coach Chip Kelly. With various changes this offseason, the team will need several things to go right in order to achieve their goal, which is lofty as they haven’t yet made the playoffs under this regime. From the quarterback position on down, here are two things that must go right this season for the Eagles:

1. The Eagles traded away quarterback Nick Foles, who performed exceedingly well at times but was never a strong fit with Kelly’s system. In return they received Sam Bradford, a former number one overall pick with a history of injury. Behind him is Mark Sanchez, a former bust who performed adequately but unspectacularly last season during backup duty. Philadelphia was expected to make a run at Marcus Mariota in the draft, but that failed to materialize. So now it’s up to Bradford and Sanchez, along with new signing Tim Tebow if he makes the team, to collectively get the job done at the quarterback position.

2. Philadelphia discarded star running back LeSean McCoy and replaced with him another star back, DeMarco Murray. This feels like a sideways move on paper, and now it’s up to Chip Kelly to show how his system will be better able to make use of the latter than with the former.

Seattle Seahawks Draft haul: Jimmy Graham and the new arrivals

The Seattle Seahawks have been good enough to get to the Super Bowl for the past two seasons but were still looking for one more piece to take them to the next level, and ahead of the NFL Draft they believe they found that in the form of tight end Jimmy Graham. But they had to give up their first round draft pick in order to do so, making their task on Draft Day a challenging one, even with a plethora of accumulated late round picks. So did they do enough to make it back to a third consecutive Super Bowl?

The first move by the Seattle Seahawks was to take controversial defensive end Frank Clark in the second round, in an attempt to ensure that their front seven remains quietly loaded even as the most recognizable stars of their defense reside in the secondary. They then made a trade to nab Tyler Lockett, a dynamic wide receiver and kick returner whom they believe may finally fill the role which Percy Harvin was supposed to have fulfilled, boosting their pedestrian wide receiver corps in the process.

But when it came down to it, the Seattle Seahawks 2015 Draft was all about Jimmy Graham. You don’t give up a first round pick (and your starting center) for a player unless you believe he’s the key to taking your entire offense to the next level, but Pete Carroll and company clearly believe he’s the final piece to the puzzle going forward.