iWatch release date 2015: Apple Watch aims to top Google Glass flop

As the Apple Watch (iWatch) release date approaches, Apple faces the sobering news that the other major wearable computing product on the market, Google Glass, has been discontinued due to lack of interest. It’s enough to give pause to Tim Cook and his Cupertino minions, as Apple has just bet very publicly on its new wearable product and has high expectations in carving out a new market. But here’s why the Apple Watch will outsell Google Glass handily:

Feature set: The iWatch already offers deep integration with the iPhone from day one and a full feature set which is polished enough to appeal to those who just want the product to work out of the box rather than feeling like they’ve bought a tinker toy. Contrast that with Google Glass, which shipped at least a year before it was ready, and ended up appealing only to those who enjoyed tinkering with half finished products.

Price: If the Apple Watch sounds pricey at $349, consider that Google Glass was selling for $1500. Apple may end up having to bend to market forces and bring the iWatch price down to $299 before long, but it’s least it’s within the realm of realistic gadget pricing.

Wrist: Plenty of people wear eyeglasses, but Google Glass created the specter of people walking around with a video camera mounted to their glasses, which made the public uncomfortable. The Apple Watch is worn on the wrist, where it won’t freak other people out. Also, since the iWatch doesn’t have a camera, there’s little to worry about in that regard.

Cool factor: The first people to buy Google Glass were the kind of tech geeks who gave the product a highly uncool reputation by showing it off in dorky ways that didn’t appeal to the mainstream, such as wearing it in the shower or live-streaming other patrons in a bar. The first people to buy the Apple Watch will be the type who want to use it to enhance their iPhone experience, and that will give the product practical word of mouth once its release date arrives.

The good news for Apple is that the Apple Watch shouldn’t suffer from any of the key errors that were made with Google Glass. And the good news for Google is that if the iWatch does succeed as expected, it means the wearable market is for real and Google can take another crack at it after having learned from its early mistakes. The iWatch release date should arrive in the March to April 2015 range.

Lawsuit over 16GB iPhone capacity could lead Apple to 32GB upgrade

Another day, another ridiculous lawsuit against Apple brought by consumer plaintiffs who don’t understand technology, goaded on by lawyers are out to make a buck, and backed by tech pundits who know better. This time it’s a suit over the fact that the “16GB iPhone” doesn’t quite hold sixteen gigabytes worth of stuff due to the fact that it already has the iOS 8 system software and built-in apps installed. And while this particular legal action won’t go far in the courts, it may prompt Apple to deliver a novel solution.

Every smartphone on the market has less than its advertised storage space once the built-in system software is factored in, whether it’s the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy or for that matter a tablet or desktop computer. They all have their core software, and for decades, they’ve been advertised based on their formatted capacity, not how much extra space is left over once the core software has been added. Short of landing a judge and jury who also have no understanding of technology, this lawsuit should be dismissed within minutes of being presented.

But Apple will be left with the need to make the bad publicity go away, even if it is unfair and inaccurate. That solution would come in the form of bumping the current 16GB iPhone model up to the 32GB level, a hole which Apple left open in the product matrix when it decided the new iPhone would come in 16, 64 and 128GB capacities. The move wouldn’t do much to assuage the hurt feelings of clueless folks who already bought their devices, but it would prevent future potential buyers from being worried about the issue. But how soon would such a move happen…

Apple may use the launch of its Watch this spring as an opportunity to tweak the iPhone lineup, either with an “S” model or new color variants. That could now be expanded to include the arrival of a 32GB model to replace the 16GB model. The nuisance lawsuit will have been long dismissed by that time, but the move would help put any lingering public doubts to bed.