SEC: Alabama Tide vs Tennessee Vols game time schedule TV tonight

One team is coming off a big win, the other off a humiliating loss. Now both teams need an SEC win today. The number four ranked Alabama Crimson Tide and the Tennessee Vols face off in a game today which is critical for 6-1 Alabama’s playoff hopes and for 3-4 Tennessee’s dignity. The Tide shellacked Texas A&M last week by a 59-0 final score as it continue to recover from its loss to Ole Miss. The Volunteers are winless in the conference and just got blown out by Ole Miss. Today’s scheduled game starts late and airs on national television.

Alabama quarterback Blake Sims and Tennessee QB Justin Worley have both put up big numbers this season, but haven’t consistently put up big point totals. Both teams are facing relative disappointment this year, as the Tide was expected to be dominant and contend for a national championship (which is still a possibility) and the Vols were supposed to have begun bouncing back from the depths of the Lane Kiffin era by now. Today’s winner will carry a good deal of momentum forward.

Tonight’s Alabama Tide vs Tennessee Vols college schedule football game has a start time of 7:30pm eastern time on TV on ESPN2.

West Virginia at OSU Oklahoma State game today: TV time live stream

West Virginia and Oklahoma State face each other day in a college football game which sees both teams trying to salvage mildly disappointing seasons. The Mountaineers are clinging a #22 ranking thanks to a win over Baylor, atoning for two earlier losses to top-ten teams. The OSU Cowboys had been able to brag that their only defeat was a close loss to #1 FSU, until last week when they got steamrolled by TCU by a thirty-one point score differential. Today’s game has an afternoon start time and airs on an official live stream online as well as on national TV.

Clint Trickett continues to be the driving force behind West Virginia in 2014, with a whopping twenty five hundred-plus yards in just seven games, while receiver Kevin White has already crossed the thousand yard mark himself. But the Mountaineers are tied for second place in the Big-12 standings and need a win today to give them a legitimate shot at winning the conference. Oklahoma State has fallen out of the top-25 rankings and is looking to avenge what was ultimately a humiliating loss in Texas.

Today’s West Virginia vs Oklahoma State game has a start time schedule of 3:30pm eastern and airs on a live stream at the official website online as well as on TV channel ESPN.

Michigan Wolverines v Michigan State Spartans game time today TV schedule

The Michigan State Spartans continue to make a case for a playoff spot, while the Michigan Wolverines have finally gotten a big win in the midst of a disastrous season. Now the two in-state rivals face each other on the schedule in a college football game today which has playoff implications, Big Ten conference implications, and just plain bragging rights. The game has an afternoon start time and airs on a prominent national television station.

Devin Gardner is back in control of the Michigan offense, for now, and did enough last weekend to lead the Wolverines to a win over longtime rival Penn State. Unfortunately for the team, that only improved its record to 3-4 on the season. Head coach Brady Hoke is on the hot seat both for his losing ways and for his lingering concussion controversy, which could end up causing multiple heads to roll within the athletic department once the season ends. But for now Michigan is simply trying to pull out a win.

Michigan State is still trying to atone for a bad loss to Oregon, the only loss on its 2014 schedule. The Spartans have won five of their seven games in blowouts, as their offense continues to put up high point totals. One week after holding PSU to thirteen points, Michigan will attempt to do the same to Michigan State – but that should make for a much harder task.

Today’s Michigan Wolverines v Michigan State Spartans Big Ten college football game has a scheduled start time of 3:30pm eastern time and airs on TV channel ABC across the nation, making it one of the rare times in which the television network isn’t splitting its afternoon coverage across multiple regional games.