iWatch vs iPhone 6S release date 2015: price, rumors, key features

The iPhone 6S and iWatch are the two biggest release dates on the 2015 calendar for Apple, though at least one of them won’t launch under that name. Even as buyers seek out the launch timeframe for both, they also have other questions regarding price and key features. Rumors are flying left and right, but here’s an overview of what’s known about both devices and what can be gleaned from observing Apple’s usual patterns.

Price: The iWatch, which is now officially being called the Apple Watch instead, has a stated price tag of $349 and up. But that price was publicly set back in September, and there is a possibility it will be revised downward depending on which way demand is headed prior to to official rollout. The iPhone 6S is likely to retain the current pricing, meaning it’ll start at $199 with contract or upgrade eligibility. Look for the iPhone 6 to slide to the $99 range, or be replaced by a plastic 6C model.

Key features: The iWatch is positioned as an iPhone accessory, meaning its key functionality comes in the form of notifying users of new message and events, along with allowing lightweight forms of communication through its mini-apps, saving the user from having to pull the phone out of pocket. There are rumors floating around that key health features have been cut from the Apple Watch, but because it’s been positioned as a health product, those rumors appear unfounded. The iPhone 6S will retain a similar styling to the 6, with a focus on enhancing specs including processing speed and battery life. Also look for the 6S to include at least one new hardware feature to differentiate it.

Release date: Apple is still saying that the iWatch, ahem, Apple Watch, will see its release date in April 2015 barring any developmental or manufacturing setbacks. The iPhone 6S release date is trickier. Apple may opt to line it up with the iWatch for strategic reasons, or it could simply hold off until September 2015 for the usual launch window.

Monday holiday: Martin Luther King Jr Day – what’s open, closed

This Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day, an official holiday in the United States, meaning most Americans will find themselves off work and enjoying a three day weekend. But those looking to use the holiday as an opportunity to get some errands done will find that at least some of the usual weekday institutions are closed for business.

Martin Luther King Jr was actually born on February 15th, 1929. But his birthday is celebrated on the nearest Monday in order to avoid a middle-of-the-week holiday. The civil rights leader would have turn 86 years of age in 2015, but his life was cut shot in 1968 by an assassin’s bullet.

Nearly all banks and government offices will be closed on Martin Luther King Jr Day, as will most businesses which run on a Monday-to-Friday 9-to-5 schedule. However most retail establishments such as stores and restaurants will be open all day. Municipal services like trash collection are decided on a local basis; you’ll have to check with your city government to find out whether those services will be affected.

Super Bowl 2015 date and time, NFC – AFC championship game schedule

The Super Bowl 2015 date and time is approaching quickly, even as the NFL playoffs continue in the interim. The AFC and NFC Championship games are also on the schedule, with four teams still in the mix after this weekend’s divisional round games. Even as plans get underway for the big game, here’s a look at who is still in the mix and which teams are most likely to get there – along with that elusive date and time information you came here looking for:

Heading into the Super Bowl 2015 the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are the number one seeds and would host the AFC and NFC championship games, respectively, if they advance beyond this weekend. Other favorites are the Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, and Dallas Cowboys, along with outliers like the Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, and Baltimore Ravens. The Seahawks are the defending Super Bowl champions.

The NFC and AFC championship games will take place on Sunday January 15th with the early game starting at 3pm eastern time. Then after a bye weekend, the Super Bowl date and time is February 1st at 6:30pm eastern time. The game takes place in Phoenix regardless of which two teams make it there.