Tim Cook honors Steve Jobs 60th birthday with Apple message

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t speak often, and when he does, his words are carefully parsed by those looking for clues about the company’s upcoming direction. But Cook’s message today is simple: a remembrance of his friend and former colleague, the late Steve Jobs, who would have celebrated his 60th birthday today, posted to his personal Twitter account.

Tim Cook’s message was brief and straightforward: “Remembering Steve, who would have turned 60 today. ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.'” But the mere fact that Cook has a Twitter account serves to highlight the differences in managerial styles between the two men. Steve Jobs was the public face of the company, but rarely did interviews and preferred to speak only from the stage of his keynote addresses. Cook has been more open in general, and has erased a small fraction of the secrecy surrounding Apple, even as the product line has continued in the kind of general direction which could have been expected from Jobs.

Steve Jobs is widely credited with turning around a sinking Apple in the late 1990s and spearheading the launch of products like the iMac and iPad, turning the company he co-founded into a multibillion dollar powerhouse. Tim Cook worked alongside him in a fairly silent COO capacity for fourteen years, and assumed the CEO title shorting before Jobs died of cancer. Cook’s tenure was initially questioned due to a gap in major product launches after he took over, but that has since been resolved with a successful new iPhone and the introduction of the Apple Watch. The latter is the first product developed without any significant input from Jobs himself.

NASCAR race: Daytona 500 schedule, Sprint Cup winner, results

The NASCAR schedule headed to Daytona for what could most accurately be described as a Sprint Cup preseason race. The season kicks off next weekend with the Daytona 500, but tonight the top drivers in the sport converged on the track for a shorter, seventy-five lap race which had no bearing in the points standings but nonetheless whet the appetite for those who are just glad there was a NASCAR race on schedule. The final result had just twelve drivers finishing the race unscathed, with the winner being a familiar name.

The Sprint Unlimited race is the first notable NASCAR action of 2015, with the season having concluded late last year after a Chase for the Cup. But this represents a fresh start for all drivers involved, with the points back to zero. Moreover it’s also an opportunity for drivers to get a feel for how the track at Daytona will perform in the upcoming 500. And while the winner doesn’t technically count, the latter stages of the race won’t be treated as nonchalantly as, say, a preseason football game.

The winner of the Sprint Unlimited is Matt Kenseth, with Martin Truex Jr finishing second and Carl Edwards finishing third. Defending Chase champion Kevin Harvick finished in eleventh place. The NASCAr action returns here for the Daytona 500 race which is scheduled for Sunday February 22nd in the afternoon.

Miami Heat 2015: LeBron James benefits Hassan Whiteside (by leaving)

The Miami Heat would be better off in 2015 if LeBron James were still in town. But if he had stuck around, younger players like Hassan Whiteside might not even be on the roster, let alone blossoming into potential stars. When Pat Riley and the Heat signed LeBron, they quickly revamped their roster around reliable veterans from top to bottom, including talented aging players who were willing to play for the minimum salary for one more chance at a ring. But with James gone again, there’s suddenly room for young guys like Whiteside.

In fact LeBron James was so adamant about wanting to be surrounded by veterans he was comfortable with on the Miami Heat, he had the team immediately trade Michael Beasley for scrap just to create cap room for veteran Mike Miller. That pattern has remained consistent, as LeBron’s first move in Cleveland this season was to have the Cavs ditch rookie prospect Andrew Wiggins for proven veteran Kevin Love. Whether those have been the right moves, the pattern has been clear: James simply doesn’t want people on the court with him who are still learning the NBA game.

That means Hassan Whiteside, who was signed to the Miami Heat roster early in the season, would either be sitting at the end of the bench or playing for another team. He’s the kind of raw young player who still has enough liabilities to have gotten in the way of LeBron James’ championship aspirations. But with the Heat not realistically having championship aspirations in 2015, there has been room for Whiteside and other young talent like James Ennis to develop naturally on the court. Miami fans would rather have LeBron of course. But Whiteside should send probably send him a thank you letter for leaving town at just the right time.