2015 New Years resolutions: 3 ideas to keep, 2 to skip

It’s 2015, so it’s time to make those New Years resolutions. Ideas come fast and furious as the possibilities created by the turn of the calendar (and possibly the champagne) create a sense of euphoria and the belief that anything is possible. Here’s a look at three New Years resolutions that are worth trying, and two ideas you might want to skip.

Be Kinder: This one is easy enough, as it costs you nothing… but it requires a bit of maturity.

New music: Why not use the new year as an excuse to sink your teeth into some new kinds of music you wouldn’t ordinarily listen to? If it all goes awry, at least you can blame it on the champagne.

Healthy foods: Now is a good time to find out whether you like the taste of those healthy foods you’ve been putting off trying. But there’s a catch…

Don’t diet: The very concept of a diet means you’re only planning to do it temporarily, and that’ll only allow you take some weight off temporarily. And if you’re using a New Years resolution as the reason, you’re likely to give up on it quickly. If you want to get in better shape, try changing your eating and exercise habits permanently, even if incrementally.

Don’t join a gym: See above. If you’re going to do this, do it because you want the life change, not because it’s January 1st. Also, this is the most overcrowded month of the year for gyms due to all the New Years resolution-ers. The better bet? Sign up now for a membership that begins in February. By that time, all the resolution-ers will have given up and left the gym empty for you.