Apple iOS 8 beta 1 download becomes hot hacker item of summer 2014

iOS 8 is Apple’s next big thing, the system software to power the next generation of iPhone and iPad devices. It’s also months away from its official public release – which makes the developer beta test version a hot commodity. Apple will release as many as perhaps seven different beta versions of iOS 8 to app developers over the summer so they can test them against their existing apps and integrate Apple’s new features into their own app updates. That places all eyes on the iOS 8 beta 1 download, heading into the Apple WWDC conference.

Apple will demonstrate the key features and technologies of iOS 8 in its WWDC keynote on June 2nd, and will release iOS 8 beta 1 almost immediately after. It’ll only be officially available to licensed app developers, but unofficial copies inevitably end up being quickly disseminated among early adopters and hackers who want to test out the new software for their own personal satisfaction. There are a few things those considering installing iOS 8 beta 1 should be aware of.

The first is that iOS 8 beta, particularly early versions like beta 1, will be far from complete. Some new features will be missing entirely while others won’t work well, and the software can also be unstable. That means it’s not a good idea to install the beta on an iPhone that you use as your primary phone, for instance. The safer route is to install iOS 8 beta on an iPod touch or a spare iPhone or iPad whose consistent functionality isn’t required.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.