iPhone 7 release date 2015: A10 chip era may come sooner than you think

With the iPhone 6S out of the bag, some have already turned their attention to when the iPhone 7 release date will arrive and what all it will bring. While those excited about the prospects shouldn’t start getting in line for the iPhone 7 just yet, it does raise some fascinating possibilities for the A10 chip era – and it may arrive sooner than would have been traditionally expected.

First, to be clear, Apple is just now launching the iPhone 6S. The formal launch was this week. Preorders start any day now. The retail launch is later this month. That means the iPhone 7 release date isn’t anywhere close to happening. But the 6S unveiling does provide some insight into where Apple is headed next. The A9 chip which powers the 6S runs circles around the chipset currently in the iPhone 6, opening up the door for developers to churn out new apps which do far more advanced things. That elicits even more hope for the A10 chip which will end up in the iPhone 7, as Apple’s chipset advancements appear to be accelerating, not slowing down.

As for the iPhone 7 release date, tradition says it won’t arrive until September of 2016. However with the era of every-other-year upgrade cycles being gradually replaced by trade-in programs which allow for every-year upgrades, Apple could conceivably end up bowing to the trend by shortening the iPhone 6S lifespan and launching the iPhone 7 in the spring of 2016. Still that’s quite some time away, and those currently in the market for a new iPhone might as well focus on the iPhone 6S for now.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.