Apple singled out for iOS 8 storage space on 16GB iPhone vs Samsung

Apple is being sued for the fact that its iOS 8 system software takes up a portion of the advertised storage space on the 16GB iPhone 6 model, an odd occurrence in light of the fact that every modern smartphone, tablet and computer this century has shipped under the same conditions. The iPhone does indeed have the full sixteen gigs of space after it’s been formatted, but the (necessary) operating system does take up a portion of that. The question is this: why is Apple being singled out for something which has long been industry standard?

While few consumers fully understand what an operating system is, no computing device can function or offer the user an on-screen interface without the presence of core system software. That’s iOS 8 on modern iPhones, the Android system software on Samsung’s devices, and Windows on PC computers. It’s a given that the system software is going to take up a portion of the storage capacity; complaining about it is akin to complaining that a 25×25 hotel room isn’t as large as advertised because there’s a bed taking up part of that space.

And yet the lawsuit is being carried forward. This is far from the first time in which Apple has been singled out for something which is industry standard. When it was revealed that Asian factory Foxconn was giving its workers substandard conditions and pay, the fact that Foxconn manufactures products for much of the tech industry – including some of Apple’s primary competitors – was ignored. Instead the headlines read “Apple factory mistreats workers.”

Part of the focus on Apple comes from the fact that it’s the most dominant tech company. But even before Apple’s rise to prominence, the rampant anti-Apple bias within tech journalism circles could always be counted on to present stories aimed at making Apple look as bad as possible. It’s likely that the plaintiffs who are mistakenly suing Apple over nothing regarding their iOS 8 iPhone storage capacity have been misled by the anti-Apple headlines as usual.

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  1. rocwurst on January 4, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    I agree Jerry.

    This lawsuit is particularly galling considering Apple is far from the worst offender considering Android and Windows mobile devices lose up to 50% of their storage to the OS and pre-installed apps.

    As usual the lawyers are after their piece of flesh of Apple whose devices have the most free space of all mobile devices for a given storage size.