The Blacklist NBC new episode tonight: who is The King Maker?

The Blacklist is back tonight with an all-new episode on NBC called The King Maker, and it reveals the cliffhanger secret dropped at the end of last week’s episode. After Elizabeth Keen finally had the long awaited showdown with her husband Tom who had been secretly spying on her all along, he tells her to peek inside a safety deposit box for dirt on series anti-hero Red Reddington. “He’s not who you think,” Tom hinted as he fled town. At the end of the hour, Elizabeth opened the box and found a photo which led her to gasp – but the audience didn’t get to see what was in it.

Tonight’s new episode could take the big reveal in a number of directions. Is it a picture of Reddington murdering the man who raised Elizabeth? Is it evidence that Reddington isn’t actually her father after all? Or is it something entirely new? In any case, Keen and the FBI will be tracking down their usual Red-fingered member of the Blacklist, all while the dynamic of the big mystery reveal plays out during the course of the episode.

The Blacklist airs tonight on NBC and stars James Spader as Red Reddington.