Diet Coke FROST finally arrives (for free, for now) as a 7-Eleven Slurpee

Nearly fifty years after the Slurpee made its debut, and long after Coca-Coca made its introduction as one of the flavors, Diet Coke is finally joining the Slurpee ranks and will become available in 7-Eleven stores under the new brand name Diet Coke FROST. This marks the first time that the Coca-Cola Company has attempted to officially merge its diet-conscious Diet Coke with the guilty pleasure Slurpee, though unofficial recipes for creating such concoctions at home are widely available on the internet.

The move comes at a time when Diet Coke and diet sodas in general are increasingly coming under scrutiny regarding their true health benefits. While they contain to sugar and little to no calories thanks to artificial sweeteners, multiple recent studies have concluded that drinking Diet Coke does no more for weight loss than drinking regular Coke. That’s left the Coca-Cola Company in the tricky position of trying to find new ways to market Diet Coke as less of a health conscious beverage and more of a mainstream beverage even while retaining the word “Diet” in its name.

The soda giant says Diet Coke FROST will be available at 7-Eleven throughout the United States starting today, and will expand more broadly by the end of May 2014. In a nod to the mobile era, those who download the official 7-Eleven app for iPhone or Android will find a coupon inside the app for a free small-sized Diet Coke FROST Cherry.