iPhone 6S release date: rumors, Plus Force Touch, Apple Watch lessons

The iPhone 6S is well on its way even as Apple hopes to keep rumors and details from leaking out too early before its release date, even as the company attempts to salvage a botched Apple Watch launch and looks to see what lessons it can carry forward into the next launch. Rumors continue to fly that Force Touch will find its way to the iPhone 6S, but half of that long standing story appeared to die this week. We’ve got all that in more in our iPhone 6S roundup for the week:

Force Touch: Apple loves to roll out a new technology or feature on a new product line, and if it works, then adapt it to the more established product lines as well. From nearly the day it was introduced, various rumors have suggested that the Force Touch feature would find its way from the Apple Watch to the iPhone 6S. However some of those rumors inexplicably claimed it would be limited to the 6S Plus model. There has never been any chance of that, as various studies have pegged the iPhone 6 Plus as selling only about one-fourth as well as the standard iPhone 6 model. Apple wouldn’t add such a key feature to its least popular iPhone model and make the vast majority of its users wait another year for it. Accordingly, the outlets which have long claimed Force Touch would come only to the 6S Plus are now backtracking and claiming that Apple has changed its mind. In any case, if Force Touch is ready in time for the 6S launch, it’ll be available on both sized models.

iPhone 6S launch: Speaking of the Apple Watch, the company is still trying to recover from the blundered launch of the product. Customers were required to preorder online before being able to try on the various sizes and bands for the product, forcing them to guess what they might want. And there was nearly no inventory on hand at the time preorders were taken, particularly of the black colored models, meaning even the very first people to place an order were forced to wait a month or more, even as people who ordered other colors much later received theirs first – among a litany of other complaints big and small. Apple was ambitious in attempting to entirely redefine its launch strategy, and essentially failed on all fronts. The verdict: look for it to go back to the old way of doing things with the iPhone 6S launch, including the lineups at retail stores.

iPhone 6S release date: iPhone 6 sales continue to set records, even as Android based vendors have launched newer competitors throughout the winter and spring. Apple’s only motivation for releasing the iPhone 6S any sooner than its traditional timeframe would be if sales fall off significantly in the mean time, and it appears there is little danger of that happening. That means you can look for the iPhone 6S release date in the September to October 2015 range, with a media event held shortly beforehand.

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  1. Ojfracasa on May 30, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Apple should reduce the bezels on the top and bottom panels of the iPhone 6 plus to reduce the overall size of the phone to less than 6 inches, and install one handed operation feature on the phone to make it unweildy and easy to use.