Galaxy S6 release date: can bigger screen cure Samsung iPhone 6 woes?

Samsung has three problems ahead of its Galaxy S6 release date. One is that its current Galaxy S5 is losing badly to the iPhone. The second is that its overall sales revenue and profits have been trending downward for four straight quarters. And the third is that the first two are about to get worse before they have a chance to get better. The iPhone 6 is outselling the Galaxy S5 by an even greater margin than the iPhone 5S was outselling it, and Samsung’s other smartphone models aren’t doing enough to counteract that. For Samsung, can even bigger screens be the answer to its woes?

For years, the primary ace in the hole for Samsung was the fact that its most prominent phones started of big and got even bigger. Each of the last few Galaxy models has grown slightly larger than the one before, and the Note is downright super-sized. But now Apple has delivered an iPhone 6 that’s roughly the same size as the Galaxy S5, and an iPhone 6 Plus that’s in the range of the Note, effectively wiping out Samsung’s chief advantage.

The question now is whether Samsung can go even larger with the Galaxy S6. Some users have already begun complaining that the most recent Galaxy models have been just a smidge too big to be used comfortably in one hand. If Samsung now delivers a Galaxy S6 that’s north of five inches, it be pushing past the sweet spot for its own user base. And if it keeps making the Galaxy S larger, it runs into differentiation issues with the larger Note. With the new Note 4 launch happening as we speak, it’ll be some time before Samsung can revisit the Note. That leaves only the Galaxy S6 for tinkering – and that includes not only changing up its specs but also its release date.

If things were hunky dory for Samsung, the Galaxy S6 release date wouldn’t be happening until early next year. But with the S5 failing to dominate, and overall smartphone sales continuing to drop over the past year, there may be no choice but to launch the Galaxy S6 in time for the holiday season this year. It’s just not clear that making the screen size even bigger will help any, meaning Samsung has to go back to the drawing board – and in a hurry – to come up with something to combat the iPhone 6.