Apple iPod touch 6th generation vs iPhone 6S release date in 2015

The clock has begun for the iPhone 6S release date, yet Apple still has yet to deliver the iPod touch 6th generation. The latter should have arrived by now, and the former could arrive sooner than expected. The question now becomes which of the two will arrive first, and what each one will offer. The stakes are high, as the current iPhone 6 sales are off the charts, even as the iPod touch lingers as a once-proud product line now facing questionable continued relevance.

The disappearance of the would-be iPod touch 6 is easily explained: it will share some components with the iPhone 6, which is in such high demand that Apple still can’t keep up, and so Apple isn’t interested in siphoning off those components for the Touch until demand catches up on iPhone demand. That didn’t come close to happening in time for the holidays, but with Christmas sales now officially over, there is some expectation that supply could catch up with demand in time for an early 2015 release date for the iPod touch 6th generation.

But there’s also buzz that the iPhone 6S could surface in the spring of 2015 in order to realign the annual iPhone release date with the launch of the Apple Watch, which is also pegged for the springtime. That leads to the possibility that the iPod touch 6 and the iPhone 6S could be launched in tandem next year. There are no guarantees, however, and Apple could ultimately stick to its annual iPhone schedule and hold off until the fall. It’s difficult to imagine the iPod touch 6 arriving any later than the spring, however, unless Apple is indeed ready to kill off the niche product entirely.

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  1. jay on December 27, 2014 at 8:27 am

    all I want to know is whether the ipod touch is dead or not, apple please don’t leave us hanging
    either say it’s dead or announce it’s newest (and most likely last) model.