The Mentalist new episode tonight: Red John vs Mr. Ridley

The Mentalist returns tonight with a new season six episode titled “Il Tavolo Bianco” – an Italian phrase which translates to “The White Table” – and surprisingly has the show returning to its old Red John roots. After series protagonist Patrick Jane killed Red John earlier this season to avenge the murder of his family, the timeline jumped forward two years and appeared to leave the entire saga behind. But now tonight’s episode has a grand jury convening to decide whether Jane should be prosecuted for Red John’s death, even as he continues to work as a consultant for the FBI in exchange for his freedom. Several other continuing plotlines are also in play tonight.

Even as Jane tries to fend off prosecution, he also must deal with the fact that Agent Lisbon is considering leaving Austin for Washington DC in order to be with her new boyfriend. And that’s even as the human trafficking case which began last week continues, with new villain Mr. Ridley still on the loose and remaining off the FBI’s radar even as Agent Cho takes a personal interest in shutting the smuggling racket down.

Tonight’s new episode of The Mentalist was written by Daniel Cerone and Erika Green Swafford, and airs on CBS at 10:00pm eastern time, 9:00pm central time.