New iPhone 6S: release date in 2015, iWatch compatibility, 256GB

The new iPhone 6S is already the proverbial Apple of the eye of those who weren’t upgrade-eligible for this year’s iPhone 6 launch, and as they count down the days to its release date, several key issues have already emerged. Just what is its tie-in with the iWatch? When in 2015 will its release date arrive? Other burning questions includ new colors will be on the slate, and whether Apple will break the 256GB capacity mark. Here’s a look at each of the above and more.

iPhone 6S and the Apple Watch: The easy answer is that the popularly dubbed “iWatch” will be compatible with every Apple smartphone dating back to the iPhone 5. That means the iPhone 6S is a shoo-in for compatibility. The trickier question is just what relation the two will have. Apple likes to add a new component to its “S” models in order to differentiate them in a manner which their body style doesn’t (Siri on the 4S for instance), so it’s possible that the iPhone 6S will have some additional level of exclusive hardware interactivity with the Watch. But with Apple’s focus on selling as many watches as possible, we doubt any such restrictions would be placed. The bigger issue here is how the two devices will be launched. Which leads us to…

iPhone 6S release date: As we reported earlier this month, we have one supply-chain source who tells us that Apple is considering moving up the iPhone 6S launch date to the spring of 2015 in order to place it in tandem with the iWatch launch. But with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus so overwhelmingly popular that Apple still hasn’t come particularly close to meeting demand, some doubt has to be cast on whether Apple would be interested in launching another new iPhone so swiftly. If no specific changes are made to the master plan, the default release date for the iPhone 6S would be in the fall of 2015.

iPhone 6S colors and capacity: With Apple having finally broached the 128GB storage mark with the iPhone 6 after several generations of being capped at 64GB, we expect the iPhone 6S to remain at the 128GB level. However shifting pricing in the storage markets could still open the door for a slight chance that it gets bumped up to 256GB. More likely is the base 6S model jumping from 16GB to 32GB. Apple introduced gold into the iPhone motif with the 5S, which means we expect another new color added into the mix for the 6S. Based on what our readers tell us, dark metallic red would the most popular, followed by a true metallic black. But Apple’s color choices over the years have long been difficult to categorize or comprehend.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

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  1. Sam on December 14, 2014 at 9:19 am

    It means iPhone 7 will come at the end of the year 2015.