Oscar nominations 2015: Dick Poop (Pope) and the Lego Movie snub

The Oscar nominations for 2015 are out. Dick Poop is a thing now. And the Lego Movie got snubbed for the reason everyone knew it would. In a morning filled with controversies both substantive and superficial, the Academy Awards can at least say that it now has the public’s attention. Here’s a breakdown of what went right and wrong with the nominations for the Oscars.

The Crappy: Cheryl Boone Isaacs is announcing the Oscar nominations for best cinematographer, and seconds after correctly navigating tricky names like Lukasz Zal and Ryszard Lenczewski, she mispronounces Dick Pope as “Dick Poop.” Its wasn’t a slight mispronunciation either, as it elicited immediate guffaws from the audience, forcing her to correct herself. As so a guy who up to now has been anonymous outside of Hollywood is suddenly a household name because someone got his name hilariously wrong on a huge stage. Now we have to hope that he wins, just to see how he handles the acceptance speech. And here you thought John Travolta’s “Adela Dazeem” gaffe last year wouldn’t be topped any time soon.

The Cartoonish: The Lego Movie was expected be a lame promotional reel for the children’s toys and accompanying theme parks. Instead it was a surprise hit with audiences and critics alike, emerging as one of the more original and inspired films of the year. But it was snubbed in all the major Oscar nomination categories. Reason seems transparent enough: insiders didn’t want awards going to a movie about a brand of toys, for fear it would establish a precedent and an upcoming slate of movies based on retail brands. Too late, those films are coming anyway – and the Academy can’t do Dick Poop about it.