Pastor apologizes on behalf of “Christian” who stiffed waiter in the name of God

There are few occupations more humbling and servant-minded than waiting tables. It is a poorly paid, over worked and underappreciated job that relies on tipping to make up for the significantly lower than average minimum wage. If you’re not getting yelled at by the costumer then it’s the boss, and if not the boss then the cook, and if not the cook then another server is laying into you behind the wall around the corner from the bathroom that you rarely get to use.

There are few occupations more arrogant than that of pastor, ironically. I have been a pastor for five years now and, like you, have met other people that share the same job title as I do in this time. It is embarrassing to me how so many of them and “Christians” in general use God to justify a horrible decision. Why am I rambling about servers and pastors all of a sudden? Because of a restaurant receipt that has circulated the web. The receipt, written on by a pastor, says, “I give God 10% why do you get 18%?” After writing that the pastor crossed out the automatically added gratuity (they had a party of 6) and put a big, fat 0 in its place. Some people need a slap.

Here’s the deal. Those of us who have a set of beliefs that include an omnipotent, omniscient omnipresent being also feel the need to share that being with others. We like to talk about Him to people we meet throughout the day. People like grocery store clerks, post office workers, sales people and yes, servers at the local restaurant! They don’t want to talk to me about God because some jerk of a pastor erased the automatically added tip that you knew about because it is written at the bottom of the menu and had the audacity not to tip at all. Quit helping God out you are making the rest of look like cheap, selfish, arrogant megalomaniac. I’m not sure God even wants your 10%. It’s tainted with your self righteousness and falsely pious attitude.  

For those that have been ripped off, cheated, ridiculed, belittled, defiled, harassed or maligned from someone who called themselves Christian, I’m sorry. God is really much bigger than what they think he is. He is treated like a genie in a bottle or a good luck charm. He is spoken of with crass words and half hearted terms of endearment or threats of judgment. He is no small thing but many small people represent him in a horrible manner. Christians ought to be great tippers, honest and have integrity. Atheists should want to hire you just because they know you will give 110% and never rip them off and servers should want to wait on you because they know you will be ridiculously generous. Either act like you live for Christ or quit calling yourself a Christian.

Laddie DeRocco

Laddie DeRocco

Laddie DeRocco is the pastor of a baptist church in Georgia.