Seattle Seahawks Draft haul: Jimmy Graham and the new arrivals

The Seattle Seahawks have been good enough to get to the Super Bowl for the past two seasons but were still looking for one more piece to take them to the next level, and ahead of the NFL Draft they believe they found that in the form of tight end Jimmy Graham. But they had to give up their first round draft pick in order to do so, making their task on Draft Day a challenging one, even with a plethora of accumulated late round picks. So did they do enough to make it back to a third consecutive Super Bowl?

The first move by the Seattle Seahawks was to take controversial defensive end Frank Clark in the second round, in an attempt to ensure that their front seven remains quietly loaded even as the most recognizable stars of their defense reside in the secondary. They then made a trade to nab Tyler Lockett, a dynamic wide receiver and kick returner whom they believe may finally fill the role which Percy Harvin was supposed to have fulfilled, boosting their pedestrian wide receiver corps in the process.

But when it came down to it, the Seattle Seahawks 2015 Draft was all about Jimmy Graham. You don’t give up a first round pick (and your starting center) for a player unless you believe he’s the key to taking your entire offense to the next level, but Pete Carroll and company clearly believe he’s the final piece to the puzzle going forward.