Surface Pro 3 puts Intel laptop chip in Microsoft tablet

Microsoft isn’t just marketing its Surface Pro 3 tablet as a laptop replacement, it’s taking things a step further by putting an Intel laptop processor inside. But will it be enough to finally convince the buying public that the Surface is suitable for anything? Microsoft continues to try to sell consumers on the idea that standard tablets like the iPad are of little use, and that the more practical tablet motif is one which is stuffed with PC-like specs and features.

That means the Surface Pro 3 has a pair of operating systems inside, one meant to run Microsoft Windows desktop applications and the other to support touchscreen mobile apps. It means a rubber keyboard comes with the product so it can be used as a pseudo-laptop. And it means all the processing power of a notebook computer is being delivered by the familiar “Intel Inside” label.

But so far the public has rejected Microsoft’s Surface motif almost entirely. Buyers have split their dollars between the precise finesse of the iPad and the bargain budget variety of Android, with almost none of those dollars going toward the first two Surface generations. Significant marketing campaigns haven’t helped sales; most consumers have heard of the Surface but have little interest in it. So how will Microsoft change that with the Surface Pro 3?

Microsoft has changed leadership since the Surface Pro 2 launch, appointing a new CEO who will undoubtedly bring his own ideas to the table when it comes to finally getting the company’s message across regarding the virtues of a pro tablet. So even as the Surface Pro 3 looks and feels a lot like its predecessor, it may end up having different fortunes.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.