U2 tour & new album release date 2014 or 2015? Adam Clayton speaks

U2 fans are still trying to figure out what happened – the band’s new album was ready for launch in the spring, two new singles hit the airwaves, and the band even appeared on the inaugural episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform them – and then suddenly the album vanished. As it turns out, the band decided to go back to the studio and record some additional songs, likely looking for a hit single to propel the album after Invisible failed to chart as highly as expected. But U2 bassist Adam Clayton now says that recording process is “coming to and end.” Does that mean the new album release date is coming in fall 2014 or early 2015?

From what Clayton said this month on Irish radio, it sounds like the additional recordings will be completed in plenty of time for a fall U2 album release. But there are also tour concerns involved. U2 tends to perform at either football stadiums or basketball sized arenas. Most cities only have on or two venues of that size, sometimes requiring them to be booked well in advance. Can U2 afford to put together a fall 2014 tour without knowing for sure that the record will be ready to roll by then?

The band ran into just such a problem with its POP album. The tour dates were locked in, and the album was ultimately rushed out the door in order to line up with the tour dates. U2 is likely keen to avoid that same issue again with the new album. The safer play would be to lock in tour dates now for 2015, and schedule the album release date for spring 2015 even if it’s ready sooner.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley