6th generation iPod touch, Apple TV, Mac Pro 2014 release date

With Apple having fired off most of its guns for 2014 and updated the majority of its product lines, the question now becomes: what’s left? There are still a handful of existing Apple products which could still see new versions get release dates before 2014 is over. The 6th generation iPod touch is the most conspicuously missing in action. Other products still waiting in the wings at opposite ends of the spectrum are the inexpensive Apple TV set top box and the multi-thousand dollar top of the line Mac Pro computer. Here’s our best educated guess about when you can expect each to launch, and whether you’ll see them this year.

Apple TV: If Apple is launching a new Apple TV that’s merely a new iteration of the same product it’s been hawking for the past near-decade, there’s little reason for it not to have already been refreshed. Its ongoing absence in 2014 suggests that Apple really is gearing up to launch actual television sets, and is close enough that launch that it isn’t bothering to update the “Apple TV” set to box in the mean time. But with two fall press conferences having come and gone without a peep about televisions, would Apple dare hold a third? Furthermore, it’s difficult to imagine Apple rushing its TV sets to market in the days leading up to the start of the holiday shopping season without a proper buildup first. For that reason we’re expecting Apple television sets to debut in early 2015, and the new Apple TV box to get its release date alongside it.

6th generation iPod touch: Apple used to update the iPod touch every other year when it overhauled the design of the iPhone. But the new iPhone came and went in September with no hint of what lies ahead for the iTouch. Apple could be still working on it, or it could be waiting to see how the larger sizes of the new iPhones play out among buyers before deciding to make a decision on which sizes to offer the iPod touch 6th generation in. Because Apple considers the Touch a secondary product, it could nonchalantly launch the new version at any time without a press event or any prior warning. However if it doesn’t happen by Thanksgiving, we don’t expect a 2014 release date.

Mac Pro: This is where it gets even harder to read Apple’s poker face. New versions of the iMac and Mac Mini were both given stage time during Apple’s October media event, meaning Apple has now turned over its entire Mac lineup in 2014 – except for the Mac Pro. The latest cylinder style incarnation was introduced in the summer of 2013 but didn’t end up shipping until December. That means Apple still has another month-plus to go before it hitting the twelve month mark, typically the minimum timeframe for Apple to turn over its Mac models. While it would be a shocker to see Apple unveil a new Apple TV or iPod touch 6th generation in December due to the fact that they’re both consumer level products which sell heavily during the holidays, the Mac Pro’s role as a professional-oriented product means it can easily see its new generation released in December for the second consecutive year. However, while Apple rarely introduces new Mac models after less than a year, the company is prone to sometimes going far longer than a year – as Mac Pro users are painfully aware. Still, Apple’s silence about the Pro at both press events doesn’t do anything to suggest that the launch won’t happen this year.

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  1. enrique on October 22, 2014 at 12:49 am

    god damnit Apple release the iPod Touch already